Credit: Xenia Materials

Xenia Materials has launched  XEGREEN 23-C20-3DP, a material designed to bring more versality to Additive Manufacturing.

Founded in 1995, the Italian company is known for the production of high-performing thermoplastic composites reinforced fiber and additives. The company made its official debut in the AM market last year at Formnext, with a collection of high-performance composites called 3DP MATERIALS. This collection includes unique resins combined with fiber and additives, and adapted for use in any pellet-based type of FDM printers, for LSAM production as well as high-precision production.

The materials –  Xecarb®, Xebrid™, Xelight® and Xegreen® materials – previously available for conventional manufacturing processes, have now been optimized for 3D printing.

With a name hard to memorize, the material that Xenia highlights today is a PET-G (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) with 20% carbon fiber reinforcement. The company claims that XEGREEN 23-C20-3DP would excel in low-temperature environments and would be ideal for several applications, from prototyping to master moulds and finished parts.

According to the company, XEGREEN 23-C20-3DP is designed with key features that prioritize performance and long-term environmental impact. Its formulation is engineered to reduce warping during printing, ensuring consistent and reliable outcomes for manufacturers. With a resistance to harsh chemicals, this material is well-suited for carbon fiber lamination, offering durability against resins and release agents.

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