Xaar and Stratasys create a new company focused on High Speed Sintering technologies

Xaar is a manufacturer of piezo-based drop-on-demand inkjet technologies. Its technology is used in several manufacturing applications such as graphics, labelling, direct-to-shape, packaging, product decoration, ceramic tile decoration, décor, and outer case coding – as well as printing with specialist functional fluids for advanced manufacturing techniques.

In order to push this latter group of its activities related to advanced manufacturing techniques, the company decided to develop 3D printing solutions based on High Speed Sintering technologies hence the creation of Xaar 3D Limited which is a joint investment with Stratasys.

For now, Stratasys only holds 15% of Xaar 3D Ltd shares and has the possibility to increase its ownership to a total of 30%. Xaar CEO, Doug Edwards will chair the company’s board. As for the technical aspect, the new company will hold all of Xaar’s High Speed Sintering assets.

Doug Edwards shares his excitement about this partnership: “We are delighted to launch our partnership with Stratasys. This joint investment in the development of 3D printing technologies reinforces the value created by our R&D and continues our plan to diversify Xaar’s business. We are also pleased to be working alongside a leader in the 3D printing space, who recognises the value of Xaar’s technology and expertise.”


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