With its 3D printed garments, modeclix is the star at “Aarhus Walks on Water”

Modeclix, the Fabric of fashion, draws the attention by creating customisable garments using 3D printing technology. All eyes were on the company’s creations at “Aarhus Walks on Water”, a fashion and tech event in Aarhus (Denmark).

Modeclix technology

Last week-end, during the event, visitors discovered a great number of accessories and garments manufactured by Modeclix.

Pictures by Marc Rogoff

This innovation is an idea of Shaun Borstrock and Mark Bloomfield, respectively, Associate Dean for Business and Innovation at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK and founder of Electrobloom, a 3D Printed jewelry company.

“The project focuses on an interpretation of weave, stitch and knit. The initial prototypes are 3D printed as pieces of textile that have enough movement to ensure that they are fluid and represent a ‘fabric’ that can be used to make a garment.”

The team creates pieces of textile using laser sintering additive manufacturing technology. By using textile made from intertwining plastic pieces, the aim is to obtain textile, which can be easily assembled into a range of different styles or clothes once printed.

This means that, with a length of Modeclix’s polymer fabric, it is possible to customize any garment. On can realize then, in the fashion industry, customization remains the key argument to value 3D printed garments.

According to the team which works on this project, shirts, casual dresses or purses are some of the accessories that can be assembled by using the 3D printed material.

“We always knew we could adjust any of the garments to fit any body shape but one of the surprising discoveries was that we could also reuse the modeclix components to make new things with,” we could read on modeclix’ website. “We simply deconstruct an existing garment and make a new one with from all the bits. Modeclix takes circular economic ideals and recycling to a whole other level!



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