When 3D Printed Fashion integrates Miss South Africa’s beauty contest

When it comes to beauty contests, every detail, however small it may be, counts. Today’s story will tell you how SLS 3D printing technology integrates Miss South Africa’s beauty contest.

Ciska Barnard, Swimwear designer, created a unique collection of swimwear for the Miss South Africa finalists.

The contestants showed off the Afrocentric Beauty collection which showcases the colorful complexities of African culture in a celebration of color and bold prints. Each print is custom designed for this range and incorporates a mix of ethnic, tribal and modern prints on voluminous capes, juxtaposed against the sleek silhouettes of the swimsuits, says Melinda Bam.

The flower that is seen on the swimsuit is the detail that gives the latter all its beauty. It has been 3D printed using SLS technology and Flexa Black, a TPU material. Such material enables to get smooth rendering and a very comfortable wearing.

Thanks to 3D printing, designers are witnessing a return to sustainable materials. Those who were limited before in their creations by the type of appropriate material required have found in 3D printing an ideal solution.

However, if FDM Technology can also be used in fashion tech, it remains quite impressive to discover how far SLS Technology can go and what complexity it can face. Remember the 3D printed pleating costume manufactured using Sinterit’s technology…

Twenty years ago, nobody thought that people would buy music files and download them to their computers, rather than visit the music shop to get the new CD. In the nearest future, the same could happen to the fashion industry. If not for the entire collections, then for at least some accessories.  And we are looking forward to discovering more…

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