3D Systems has upgraded Geomagic® for SOLIDWORKS® 2019 and 3DXpert™ for SOLIDWORKS 14. Both software enable to optimize designs for additive manufacturing be it plastic and metal 3D Printing.

Every stage in a manufacturing process raises its own struggles. When it comes to design a product, the stake for the designer goes beyond the look of the product. Industrial designers must know how the product actually works and should envision how design, manufacturing and marketing should be carried out. That’s exactly what 3D Systems aims to achieve.

“3D Systems’ end-to-end software solutions are a catalyst in the product development cycle,” said Radhika Krishnan, senior vice president, general manager, software, 3D Systems. “With the new releases of Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS and 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS, 3D Systems is reinforcing our commitment to the SOLIDWORKS community to streamline digital product design as well as making additive manufacturing an integral part of the workflow – increasing efficiencies and lowering total cost of operation. The power of these software solutions to transform business is what delivers true competitive advantage.”

What are the new specificities of each software?

3D Systems explained that Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS allows the reduction of the time required to build CAD models of real-world objects from hours to minutes by using advanced, automated wizards to quickly and easily create sketches, surfaces, and feature-based editable solid parts inside SOLIDWORKS – directly from 3D Scan data.

Available around the world in 13 languages, the software is acknowledged for its highest level of integration and support for its users. Upgrades have been integrated at the scanning level; importation is possible thanks to the most recent formats integrated for their workflows. Furthermore, the software now allows the direct scanning or importing of scans with color information into SOLIDWORKS. A clear distinction is now possible between the scan-specific tools and the SOLIDWORKS application’s own tools; not to mention that in order to speed the product design process, new commands for Probe Points, Extract Reference Point and Edit Scan have been integrated, they enable to manipulate multiple scan objects simultaneously.

As far as 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS is concerned, the software delivers a complete design for additive manufacturing. Improvements in the new release have been brought at the level of the design by allowing designers to achieve more shapes in more ways. Time to market is often a crucial issue due to frequent engineering changes; with the new release, engineers can apply those changes to the ready for print models without losing the work that was done so far.

Lastly, for the first time, 3D Systems enables designers to design with AM in mind.

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS would be made available on March 2019 and designers can already benefit from a free 15-day trial available for download. In the meantime, attendees of SOLIDWORKS World 2019 will discover this solution with 3D Systems’ application experts in booth #422 February 10 – 13.

 On the other hand, available exclusively to SOLIDWORKS customers, 3DXpert for SOLIDWORKS standard edition is available via download.

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