Remember the Sector Skills Strategy in Additive Manufacturing project – short for SAM? the European initiative addressing the workforce development for Additive Manufacturing (AM) / 3D Printing and for which 3D ADEPT is an associated partner.

To develop a shared skills vision and collaborative learning solutions for the sector at European level, the project conducted a wide range of activities that ambition to share practical skills to professionals who wanted to work in the AM industry as well as recommendations for an industry moving towards sustainability.

A key part of these activities consisted in studies to identify skills needs in AM and Job opportunities. The initiative is launching its last round of surveys today with the goal of understanding and characterizing the current AM labour market job opportunities and employability data in Europe.

Whether you are a recruitment company, a professional or someone who aims to work in the AM industry, or an AM company, you can share your insights below:

If you are a recruitment agency fill in the SURVEY
Objective: to characterize the current AM /3D printing labour market job opportunities and employability in Europe

If you are a worker or wish to work in AM
Link: AM Professional/ Workforce
Objective: to identify current AM skills , knowledge and new job needed within one year.

If you are an employer/company fill in the SURVEY
Link: Employers
Objective: to identify what kind of Additive Manufacturing skills companies are looking for in a candidate considered the emergent needs
(to be addressed within one year).

These surveys will be open until 20th February.

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