“We print Houses”, the 3D Printing system for home builders and contractors

Sunconomy LLC, an Austin, TX-based building company, and Forge New, a San Francisco, CA-based development company, introduce the We Print Houses system.

A rendering of Genesis house, the first home in the U.S. to be designed, engineered, permitted, built, appraised, and sold using the We Print Houses technology. -Image via concrete consruction

The 3D printing technology can be licensed by builders and contractors across the country. It is equipped with a mobile platform that integrates a proprietary printer head, “prints” entire houses with hydrophobic, self-binding geopolymer cement, eliminating the need for in-demand subcontracting crews that often contribute to extensive labor costs and delays.

Furthermore, in its structure one would find part of traditional home building combined with a robotic “ink jet” technology to enable speed in construction.

We have assembled a completely mobile 3D home printing system that any builder or contractor can master in a matter of weeks, and it will completely change their business model,” said Larry Haines, Founder of We Print Houses. “This system immediately removes the common pitfalls of traditional home building – labor shortages, materials waste, construction time – and rewards you with time and more durable and efficient homes.

Moreover, according to the partners, this 3D printing technology system for homes would be the first system able to get permits in the U.S. Indeed, the first 25 licensees will be eligible for a territory exclusive license to the We Print Houses system, enabling them to get a jump start on the building technology in their region.

Every licensee can receive his mobile concrete 3D printer within 120 days if he is in the USA. Lastly, it goes without saying that it will receive on-site training at We Print Houses’ construction sites, equipment certification, bi-annual site visits and ongoing marketing support.

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