It is with regret that Wayland Additive has been obliged to postpone both its virtual and physical launch events scheduled for the 27th and the 28th January following the statement from the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. The virtual event will now be held on the 16th March 2021 and the physical event will be held on the 19th of May 2021, when it is expected that there will be a significant degree of relaxation of Covid 19 related restrictions.

Will Richardson, CEO of Wayland Additive explained: “In light of the recent government announcements that have placed the United Kingdom into a third national lockdown, and with travel within the UK and from abroad likely to be severely affected, delaying the physical launch event to a time that should see us better able to operate normally seems the prudent thing to do. As for the virtual event, before Christmas, we were well advanced in producing the creative elements needed for the event with 3rd parties, but now all such activities are impossible to complete safely and in compliance with the new regulations until they are relaxed. It is obviously disappointing to have to delay — both for us as a company and for the many attendees that have registered — but on the other hand we want to ensure that we provide an optimal experience for everyone.”

In preparation for the original events, the team at Wayland Additive have been busy finalising the Calibur3 machines in the newly refurbished production facility at its Huddersfield, UK site, and also preparing an array of parts produced using the patented Neubeam metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) process. In between now and the newly scheduled events, information on these parts and other developments will be revealed in more detail with an eye to making sure that the interested base of industrial users remain well informed as to the possibilities that Wayland’s technology opens up.

Peter Hansford, Director of Business Development commented, “In a way, we can make a positive out of a negative now that we have been forced to delay our January events. We will continue to provide information that shows just how advantageous our Neubeam® process is when looking at metal AM applications between now and the events, which will mean attendees are better informed, and will therefore be in a better position to engage with application specific questions at the events. We will of course be able to host individual companies as usual at our premises over the coming weeks in a Covid-secure way, but are determined to make the mass attendance events as comprehensive and useful as possible for all attendees.”

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