Wayland Additive finally unveils Calibur3, its Metal AM technology

After a year of teasing campaign, a few changes in the launch programme, UK-based manufacturer Wayland Additive finally unveils its Calibur3, a metal additive manufacturing system designed to bring a brand-new alternative to traditional laser PBF and eBeam PBF.

During a virtual event hosted yesterday, the executive team at Wayland Additive introduced the capabilities of this Calibur3.

One of the main highlights one needs to keep from Ian Laidler, CTO at Wayland Additive is that “Calibur3 is not a me-too, copy-cat product.” According to Laidler, the “new powder bed fusion (PBF) process” opens up new doors for applications that cannot always be achieved with other solutions from the same range.

A few technical aspects reveal that the print volume the Calibur3 system is 300 x 300 x 450 mm. There is no need to pre-sinter the powder-bed as in other machines and operators can produce large parts without residual stress or gas cross flow.

The engineering team has developed the machine while keeping in mind sustainability as we learned that operators can save their energy consumption and print times. While no example has been shared here to support these arguments, the company also assures that operators can benefit from a simplified powder removal process, therefore less post-processing. Furthermore, due to a built-in, real-time in-process monitoring control system, operators would be able to monitor the manufacturing process very easily.

Peter Hansford, Wayland’s Director of Business Development expanded further on the potential for new applications and shared the real opportunities Calibur3 brings for business: “The Calibur3 system featuring the NeuBeam process offers a true 3rd way that sits between SLM & EBM systems, and provides a leap forward compared with any existing alternatives. In addition, Calibur3 promotes innovation, which should be key to any advancement in technology. And because it overcomes the compromises that most companies have to contend with when using metal AM, they can now revisit applications that were previously seen as troublesome or impossible and/or begin development projects with a clearer view of the process and more room to operate in. NeuBeam is a metal AM process that saves both time and money from end-to-end, one that can benefit commercial objectives through true production partnerships.”

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