WayKen is a China-based rapid prototyping company provides CNC machines to industrials. The company has decided to add 3D printing machines as part of its offering and has chosen the SLA and SLS technologies.

The SLA technology requires the use of an ultraviolet laser light which pulls on the surface of a liquid thermoset resin to produce several thousands of thin/finer layers until final components are obtained.

According to the manufacturer, the stereolithography prototyping system offers the user the possibility to produce master patterns, a concept model for urethane casting, one-off models as well as parts that require a very high accuracy and maximum quality surface finishes.

As for the Stereo-laser Sintering (SLS) system, the system requires the use of an optic laser power which facilitates the meltdown of powder particles layer by layer until a durable geometric component is formed. The machine is compatible with nylon materials filled with glass, making it a genuine process for usage such as in fuel tank, ductwork, and brackets, as well as in functional prototyping. Testing products are usually manufactured with this technique.

The two prototyping machines we will be releasing today are best used for catalyzing your product development processes. From a simple CAD design to a more physical component in hands and also feasible and visible to all your teammates. Even when you are trying to get information about additive production for your prototypes, the SLA and SLS machines are just the best option you would ever think of,” says Raymond, WayKen’s founder.

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