Wall Colmonoy, a global materials engineering group of companies has unveiled new powders for additive manufacturing. Ideal for dental implants, partial denture, and prosthetics, the Wallex® Cobalt Chromium powders deliver excellent biocompatibility, strength, and wear resistance.

Wallex® Cobalt Chromium powders are available in three main chemistries: CoCrMo, CoCrW, CoCrMoW ensuring options for most ceramics.

The CoCr powders are manufactured in the company’s UK facility and represent exactingquality honed over Wall Colmonoy’s 80-plus years of technological innovation.

Produced in a dedicated alloy processing cell held to stringent standards, the powders offer excellent flowability and are perfectly spherical. They are characterized as offering high particle-density and are nickel free, with very low oxide content. In addition, the raw materials are sourced from ethical suppliers, and the atomization process uses renewable energy.

Wallex® Cobalt Chromium Dental Discs are also produced in our UK facility, drawing upon 50 years of casting expertise. Our latest range of dental discs have a very fine microstructure, which enhances machineability and extends tool life.

Wall Colmonoy has also developed a powder/binder composite that can be used to produce “Soft-Block” technology, a much softer form of dental disc, that is pre-sintered before it is machined and sintered again at full temperature.

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