Volkswagen makes use of 3D Printing in the development of Golf GTI First Decade, its new electric project car

Known as the latest of 10 show car projects since 2008, the new GTI was manufactured in 9 months and presented by 13 apprentices in six vocations from Volkswagen and Sitech. The landscape at the Wörthersee lake, in the southern Austrian state of Carinthia inspired this work.

Peter Christ, Head of Automotive Technology Training in Wolfsburg says “during the creation of their dream GTI, our apprentices learn about the complexity and future challenges of automobile production. They gain further experience in the use of digital technologies, the application of system technology and electro-mobility.”
That’s why the strongest talents were chosen and given the opportunity to acquire such an amazing experience with experts from the entire company.

The manufacturing

To create designs, graphic tablets and CAD programs were used and thus generated 3D printed components.

The new GTI then includes the following features :
410 PS (300 kW) petrol engine
48-volt electric motor
Front-wheel, rear-wheel, and all-wheel drive
Zero emissions due to electric propulsion system
Regenerative braking
Two batteries that charge in rear of vehicle
Mobile app for controlling driving modes
The inside of the vehicle…
GTI drivers in the two-seater benefit from top sports seats. The driver’s seat is electrically adjustable using an app on a smart phone or tablet.
Instead of rear seats and a luggage compartment, the rear of the vehicle accommodates a high-end sound system with 1,690 watts from 11 loudspeakers and a subwoofer as well as a special rear HIFI installation with LED lighting on a carbon-covered base plate.

The outside of the vehicle…
The painting used on the two-door sports is Atlantic Blue Metallic. The number 10 on the C-pillars and the “First Decade” logo show that the racing car is the 10th Wörthersee GTI of the Wolfsburg talent factory.