Vitamix has chosen Carbon’s 3D manufacturing to “rethink the possible”

Vitamix and the Silicon Valley-based company, Carbon will additively think to give a fresh look to Vitamix’ products. The latter specializes in blending equipment for home and commercial use.

Blenders Vitamix – Image Vitamix

While using The Technology House (TTH), both companies have “pimped” part design and production to create an innovative micro-fluidic nozzle at mass scale that is 10 times more durable. 30% less material was necessary to achieve that and it was 30% less expensive.

A simpler and more economical design

If they turned to TTH, it should be noticed that the two companies manufactured the six-part nozzle as a single, monolithic part.

Carbon’s 3D Manufacturing solution required the use of its durable Rigid Polyurethane (RPU) material, as well as a SpeedCell™ system which includes M2 printers and Smart Part Washer. The well-known Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, used to manufacture adidas sneakers, has enabled here to achieve complex geometries and channels with excellent surface finish, a critical element due to the high-pressure fluidics performance requirement of the nozzle.

As a result, the Carbon-produced part exceeded the quality standards previously achieved through traditional manufacturing, and Vitamix is deploying tens of thousands of these nozzles into stores all over the country.

Speaking about the way they rethink the possible, Jodi Berg, President and CEO of Vitamix said: “If you’re going to believe in something that isn’t yet possible, then you have to rethink possible. It’s the only way to get there. Our partnership with Carbon is very exciting for us, because it’s helping us rethink the possible every day. Once you realize you can manufacture something differently, then you can think about how those components interact with other components, and how you can achieve an entirely different outcome. It’s about evolving the paradigm of engineering, and now we have a new tool in our toolbox that we’re learning, exploring, and evolving.

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