VIDEO: SEAT opens a 3D Printing Centre in its car factory

Like its fellow car manufacturers, SEAT is reaffirming its interest in 3D printing/AM with the opening of its 3D Printing LAB in Spain.

The car manufacturer has equipped the lab with 9 3D printers including powder bed fusion technologies, material jetting & filament deposition technologies. Its engineering team plans to use these technologies for the production of functional and aesthetic parts.

Even though 80% of machine time is normally meant for the production of prototypes and customized low-volume parts for trade shows, it should be noted that the lab has been very helpful during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country by providing 3D printed face shield strap extenders and door openers.

One of the advantages is that we can apply infinite geometries and carry out any type of high-precision design for all areas of the factory, however complicated it may seem.” said Norbert Martín, head of the 3D Printing LAB. “And all in times that are impossible to achieve with the normal process”.

The 3D printing centre is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and currently produces 50 parts per day, which account for over 80kg of nylon power and 12 rolls of filament per month.

While others will qualify this entrance as a bit late given the involvement of other car manufacturers including its parent company, we’d like to remind that it’s never too late to set things right.

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