Velocity Group launched an online 3D printing service to enable OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to get access to full-service product development and production support.

The reality is that OEMs do not often know how to proceed with printed parts, before obtaining manufacture product. That’s why, the service product development and production partner decided to expands its services of of Design, Rapid Prototyping, Product Development and Production Service Suite.

Velocity Group is focused on accelerating time from idea to profit,” said Kent Savage, CEO. “We recognize that today’s cocktail napkin has evolved into a 3D printed model. While the starting point has shifted, the journey of product development for disruptive, innovative products remains a challenging endeavor, one that requires a partner with the experience, expertise, and structure necessary to bring concepts to market. Fast.

This service includes single source accountability, 100% domestic operations, dedicated project management, and a broad portfolio of design and lean manufacturing services to compress the timeline associated with traditional product development programs.

Just because you can print a part does not mean you can manufacture it reliably and at a reasonable cost,” said Andy Stelmack, General Manager of Velocity Group. “We have decades of experience taking customers from concept to production, including helping them understand how to mature 3D printed concepts for traditional manufacturing.

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