An aerospace specialist receives its four Sapphire metal 3D Printer, the largest order to date for VELO3D 

VELO3D will ship the largest order of its Sapphire metal 3D printer to an aerospace customer. The complete installation of this additional system is expected for the end of this year.

Even though the California-based manufacturer of metal AM Systems does not disclose the name of the aerospace specialist, the company reveals that this repeat order brings the customer’s installed base of Sapphire printers to a total of nine.  

We are excited to see customers ramping with Sapphire’s SupportFree capabilities,” said Benny Buller, CEO of VELO3D. “It is clear from customer feedback on our first deliveries that the demand for SupportFree, production ready, Sapphire metal 3D printers is strong and that we are exceeding expectations for the technology.”

As a reminder, VELO3D‘s laser powder bed metal 3D printing system offers a 3 in 1 solution made up of the Sapphire™ system, Flow™ print preparation software, as well as Intelligent Fusion™ technology. The metal 3D printing system can produce complex geometries such as designs with overhangs that are less than five degrees and large inner diameters without supports.

In order to provide the Aerospace sector with quality metal powders, the company has partnered with well known producers such as Praxair.  The qualification of powder from main powder suppliers implies that Velo3D’s customers can purchase powder directly from the supplier that has demonstrated its powders work in the Velo3D Sapphire metal additive system. –

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