Usmih leverages Photocentric’s LCD 3D printing to develop new manufacturing process for dental applications

Image: Photocentric

Ukrainian aligner experts, Usmih has reimagined the manufacturing process of dental applications with a new aligner manufacturing process. Usmih brings here an expertise in 3D printing, materials science and automation. Photocentric’s expertise in developing dedicated 3D printers and materials for this specific industry as well as its Engineering and Chemistry teams are the main reason why Usmih chose them for a partnership.

Based on Photocentric’s solution, the new solution requires the use of Photocentric LC Magna printers and Photocentric resins, as well as a conveyor belt solution that enables rapid curing of aligner models.

So far, we may have seen Photocentric LC Magna printers in action in a consumer application but these 3D printers’ consistency and speed of prints can also meet the needs of dental applications.

With the ability to manufacture products in hours, not days and months, the LC Magna 3D printers is convenient for dental aligner manufacture. It features a quad processor for enhanced performance, optimised platform coating for improved printing and cleaning, and upgrades to the control system for superior reliability and accuracy. Magna allows Photocentric partners to deliver accurate end-use parts consistently, at scale and also rapidly, with new printing materials capable of increasing print speeds to 16mm per hour and beyond.

Both Photocentric and Usmih are remaining tight lipped about how the improved aligner process will work, but both companies are very happy with the progress that has been made to date for the end-to-end solution. Usmih expects its process to be ready for full production by the start Q1 in 2022. Vadym Burukin, chief executive officer, Usmih, said, “In the very near future our production processes will be harmonised and built on the basis of equipment, resins and software from Photocentric. Innovation, passion and a desire for excellence are at the heart of our partnership. We expect great synergies from the cooperation of our engineering teams and are excited about the new process which will deliver.

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