“Uppgradera”, a collection of open-source 3D-printed accessories to “upgrade” IKEA products

The holidays are often meant to fix broken things in the house or to do things that we usually do not have time to do in normal time. For those who have bought their furnitures at IKEA, budapest-based designer Adam Miklosi has released a collection of 3D-printed accessories that could upgrade some products.

This is not the first time we see a combination of 3D printing with IKEA’s products. Many would even think that 3D printing might be uniquely positioned to enhance the products of the Swedish giant.

With the ‘uppgradera’ collection, Miklosi modifies the original designs of products in order to improve their efficiency, or even propose a new, unorthodox use. The collection is made up of 6 3D printed accessories: the NÄ01, KL01, ST01, EN01, EK01, and the CH01.

IKEA’s NÄVLINGE lighting fixture for instance is fitted with a high-power LED, but its purchase does not include a lampshade. “If used as a desk lamp, it keeps shining right into the user’s eyes”, the designer says. Indeed, using the NÄ01 simple clip-on accessory, the product can be turned into an efficient lampshade convenient to work, reading, or even mood lighting.

The NÄ01 clip-on lampshade

Another accessory ‘fixes’ a bed tray. With the slippery material, glasses are very likely to slip or fall.  Miklosi’s accessory can be fitted onto the groove in the back of the tray, allowing for a stable base for cups and glasses.

Furthermore, have you already noticed that sometimes you hang your clothes and hangers crease the shoulders of your clothes? Well, the fourth upgrade is a pair of shoulder pads that attach to IKEA’s hangers, preventing this way clothes from slipping or creasing.

The pictures below illustrate the improvements that have been made to other products.

The good news is thatAdam miklosi’s designs are open source so users all over the world can have them manufactured locally.

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