Uniz released 5 new 3D printers with UDP technology

Uniz, a manufacturer of 3D printers based in San Diego, announced the release of 5 new 3D printers with a new printing technology called uni-directional peel (UDP) and 53 other new products.

The start-up first drew the attention of the public in 2016 with SLASH, a LCD-SLA 3D Printer. SLASH is a desktop 3D printer that can reach printing speeds of 1000 cc/hr while maintaining good details, with resolutions on the Y and X axis as fine as 2560 x 1600, 339 ppi and 75 μm utilizing ultra-fast LCD Stereolithography (SLA light-curing) technology. It must be said that, on Kickstarter, the campaign of this 3D printer enabled the company to raise more than 10 times their funding goal.

All images via Uniz

The release of 3 new desktop 3D printers

Following the reputation of the first 3D printer, Uniz aims at delivering the same performance with these new products.


The SLASH+ LCD SLA 3D printer is an upgraded version for hobbyists, educators and artists. This model achieves a printing speed of 360mm/hr in z-axis build speed (8300cc/hr build envelope speed). 6 full-arch dental models, for instance, can be printed in less than 5 minutes. This could be an alternative to conventional injection molding in production speed.


As far as the SLASH Online (OL) 3D printer is concerned, its XY resolution is software limited to 150um. This printer could be the solution for consumers in the sub $1000 FDM market. The UDP’s 8300cc/hr build envelope speed is 500x faster than any FDM printer, very interesting compared to other 3D printers of the same category on the market.

SLASH PRO is the PRO version of SLASH which has doubled z-axis build envelope. This printer is capable of outputting a full size adult outer-sole in less than 60 mins.

The industrial 3D printers

In addition to these 3 new desktop 3D printers, Uniz released 2 industrial 3D printers.

SLTV15 which uses the same revolutionary LCD photo curing 3D process as the SLASH. The printer has a blistering fast printing speed of up to 2,800 cc/hr solid output speed and 24000cc/hr build envelope speed. For example, 20 full-arch dental models can be printed in less than 5 mins.

SLTV23 – The second one is bigger than SLTV15, equipped with 147um XY resolution, 7x build area (521x293mm XY) and integrated UDP technology. The SLTV23 model further increases printing speed up to 7,000 cc/hr solid and  56000cc/hr envelope speed.

At CES 2018, Uniz will showcase its 3 desktop 3D printers and 2 industrial 3D printers.

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