Unitedcoatings Group, a global contract manufacturer for Industrial Gas Turbine, Aviation and Medical Device applications, launches today Lincotek Additive, a company that will deliver additive manufacturing services in order to improve companies’ supply chain.

The Unitedcoatings Group is already a producer that brings over 15 years of experience as a contract manufacturer for serial production in the Additive Manufacturing market worldwide. However, the company has decided to rebrand and create dedicated units of several brands in order to improve and consolidate the activities in which they operate.

In this vein, Turbocoating will become Lincotek Surface Solutions, while Eurocoating, Surface Dynamics, the former CoorsTek Medical already renamed Lincotek Medical, NanoSurfaces, Anteco and Eurocoating Wuxi will become Lincotek Medical and Artec Lincotek Equipment.

Lincotek Additive on the other hand, will focus on the additive activities of the group and customers will benefit from even more expertise in research, design, engineering, production and assembly.

According to a press release, the business is ready to share its unique global serial additive production expertise with lowest in class scrap rates and more than 100,000 devices produced per year. As a Contract Manufacturer with the complete service offer, Lincotek can help customers scale up production and act as the supply chain partner that allows customers to hit economic and performance targets as much as the requested product characteristics.

Talking of the wider rebranding project, Winfried Schaller, CEO of Unitedcoatings Group, said: “The Group’s success under its different brands has been impressive and now it’s time to present ourselves under one coherent umbrella while leveraging the goodwill and technology depth of our current businesses. The group has become a real global player – a much larger and unique company, strongly rooted in our core values and service concept. The rebranding process is part of our internationalization strategy, which – in line with our growth plans – prepares the group for future challenges and guarantees continuity to our partners and the wider market in the long run.”

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