From Under Armour Architech to Under Armour Architech futurist

Under Armour sneakersThe American sportswear company, Under Armour, official sponsor of the famous NBA basketball player Stephen Curry, recently launched its latest shoe model during its fashion show FW17.

Nicknamed “Under Armour Architech Futurist“, the particularity of this shoe model is that it has been printed in 3D. It should be officially commercialized from March 30th, for 300 $.

While waiting for the official release of these futuristic sneakers to get more details on the characteristics, one could already consider “Under Armour Futurist” as an improved version of the shoe model “UA Architech”.Under Armour Futurist

The truth is that this is not the first trial of Under Armour with the 3D printing. “UA Architech” is the first 3D shoe model of the brand. The lattice heel structure printed in 3D provides a dynamic stability with an attractive design that can only be accomplished with the 3D printer.

Thanks to its new 3D printing and digitizing innovation centre, “The Lighthouse”, Under Armour positions itself in favour of the 3D printing integration in the textile industry.

Under Armour Architech Futurist

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