Two-thirds of healthcare professionals believe in 3D printing for this sector

Oxford -The first 3D printed polymer implant to receive FDA approval.

In a survey, 3,150 decision makers across Europe have given their point of view on 3D printing technologies in a range of sectors including healthcare and retail sectors. Results of this survey might enable business leaders, especially Irish ones to rethink their strategy and the integration of 3D printing in their business.

Results of this survey show the potential of 3D printing in helping professional to meet their needs. Indeed, in healthcare, for 66% of professionals, 3D printing can transform the way care are provided. These technologies especially improve accurate diagnostic rates and lower mortality rates.

Oxford -The first 3D printed polymer implant to receive FDA approval.

In the retail sector, professionals rely on 3D printing on demand services to be more competitive, reduce delivery times and customize products.

The survey also shows that 39% of businesses specialized in AI and automation increasingly adopt 3D printing technologies.

However, it should be noted that 3D printing has still much more to show. New forms of printing are necessary to bring companies even further. That’s why 3D printing companies invest to drive innovation and improve the potential of this technology.

According to Gary Hopwood, Managing Director, Ricoh Ireland: “The refrain ‘print is dead’ is utterly misguided. New printing technologies are helping businesses to transform their operations. In healthcare, pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing 3D printed prosthetic limbs tailored to specific patients. In retail, vendors are manufacturing shoes and printing unique designs on demand, reducing stock wastage. In education, students can buy personalised textbooks, reducing costs and improving learning.


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