Two more customers for the DragonFly Pro 2020 3D Printer

3D Printer - DragonFly 2020 Pro

The European aerospace and defense supplier and a European technology research institution recently purchased Nano Dimension’ s DragonFly Pro 2020 3D Printer.

The DragonFly Pro 2020 3D printer will be used in the research centres of both customers. The technology research institution will enhance the research and development of autonomous systems of the research institution. As for the European aerospace and defense supplier, it is a tier 1 supplier of systems and components that will make use of the 3D printer at its corporate research and technology centre.

We see a great potential to expand the use of 3D printing to developing fields such as autonomous vehicles, robotics and automation. From rapid prototyping of functional circuits to testing and custom manufacturing, 3D-printed electronics opens a whole new world of possibilities in design and engineering”, said Amit Dror, CEO of Nano Dimension.

As a reminder, the DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D Printer enables the 3D-printing of functional electronics such as sensors, conductive geometries, antennas, molded connected devices, printed circuit board and other devices.

3D Printer – DragonFly 2020 Pro

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