Credit: Authentise

Sometimes, the best ideas come when you least expect them. As writers, we are taught to always have a notebook on hand to write ideas and further explore them when time allows.

Instead of a notebook, software company Authentise has developed a tool that delivers powerful digital thread capabilities to R&D and industrial engineering teams. Named  Authentise Threads, the platform can be used beyond the Additive Manufacturing industry as it is designed to combine communication and project management tools into a radically new work thread collaboration suite.

Unveiled last year, the company recently announced generative AI and 3D annotation upgrades for this digital tool. At AMUG 2024, I sat down with Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise, to understand how it works.

With the ultimate goal of enabling more fluid operations demanded by today’s distributed environments, we have imagined Threads to help engineering teams easily move from idea to design. It’s really the early stages of the product development phase, Wegner told me.

From the short demo I benefitted from, I saw that Threads makes it possible to track conversations in one coherent place. You can start with a chat tool, and you can track the process as you’re going along.

For those who do not know, at the beginning, Threads mainly enabled to achieve cross-functional work thread collaboration, share information, knowledge, experience, resources and context while enabling continuous learning and improvement.

With feedback from existing Threads users such as the US Department of Defense and Boeing, Authentise has enhanced the platform with new features that include the ability to :

  • Add 3D models to the platform
  • See your team’s point of view about that 3D model
  • Summarize each Thread with AI to make it easier for your colleagues to understand the context of each conversation
  • Investigate the content of your threads using the AI-powered Threads.

You can have many conversations on the same topic and each conversation can become a thread”, Wegner explains.

Beyond R&D teams, Threads presents a real potential for service bureaus that often have several exchanges with their clients on one or several projects. From what I saw, Threads is one of those tools for which you would see the value immediately. As a matter of fact, it only took 15 minutes to Wegner to show me its capabilities. I believe engineers will quickly see its high degree of flexibility, especially if they take into account the current industry environment where there is pressure to innovate.

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