TrueSOLID™, the first 3D Volumetric Kernel for Generative Design

TrueSOLID™ is a tool that enables its users to generate ready to manufacture topology optimized designs such as lattices and to bring out manufacturing constraints, eliminating the need and cost of part redesign resulting in significant savings in weight and design time.

Launched by Frustum, specialist in functional generative design, TrueSOLID™ is now commercially available and integrates a patent-pending core technology.

Built to help designers and engineers deliver better products faster with fewer errors and lower costs, the technology works alongside traditional CAD to drive 3D manufacturing that operates at pace with the emerging on-demand economy.”


Frustum’s TrueSOLID volumetric geometry kernel allows for the blending of indeterminate generative geometry to traditional surface-based CAD with engineering precision, enabling additive and other manufacturing techniques to realize their full potential.

The tool integrates improvements such as multi-part assembly optimization, new optimization modes as well as kernel-integrated mesostructures (lattices).

Acording to Jesse Coors-Blankenship, CEO and Founder, Frustum, the goal is to “bring about the transformation of CAD design from deterministic to generative.”

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