Transportation is not anymore a big issue in 3D printing – the business model of SKILCRAFT®3D

As 3D printing increasingly grows, 3D printing companies do not lack ideas to sell their products worldwide or within a given region. Tariffs of goods transportation have become less relevant within the industry because manufacturers increasingly collaborate with distributors in order to earn a market share in a given region. Furthermore, with the help of a distributor, their customers will not face the barrier of the language in communication.

Even though the language is not an issue applicable in this case, SKILCRAFT 3D has implemented a new business model that ensures rapid & easy access to 3D printing materials. As a reminder, the manufacturer launched three months ago this line of 3D filaments for the US federal government.

Today, in order to manage the growing use of federal government customers, the manufacturer has chosen NCSS, an all-in-one service that processes and ships orders.

Located in Williamsport, PA, NCSS provides all fulfillment services, as well as the packaging and assembly labor, for SKILCRAFT 3D orders. With its 75-year track record of dependable fulfillment service and support, NCSS provides a seamless experience for SKILCRAFT 3D customers.

We do the fulfillment, packaging, assembly and shipping for the orders, but we also produce the recycled materials we use to manufacture the spools we use to deliver SKILCRAFT 3D filaments,” said Robert Garrett, President and CEO of NCSS. “The model used to select and package the filaments ensures reliable performance, while our experience guarantees dependable order fulfillment and support for the SKILCRAFT 3D customers.

The manufacturer will very soon release its Water Soluble Support Fiber on GSA Advantage for a professional grade support solution to save time and increase accuracy. It can be used with PLA, ABS and Nylon applications. Lastly, users will be able to use the manufacturer’s first specialty product, FDA-compliant Polyamide Polyolefin and Cellulose (PAPC) filament. This biomaterial can be used in biomedical applications such as bone replacement, meshes, hearing aids, and foot orthotics.

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