Railways and processing industries have recently been revealed as new sectors explored on the additive manufacturing market. Projects such as “mobility goes additive” implemented by Deutsche Bahn are some examples of applications speaking of the first sector. Another example of application seen in this area, might be seen with TransMachine Additive, a division of TMT that integrates additive manufacturing in the fabrication of  precision components to the Railroad, Mining, Automotive and OEMs that the group supplies.

Laura-Ely-BW – President of TMA

The company has recently signed an agreement with the Barnes Group Advisors in order to benefit from technical support via the Technical Excellence Resource Model (TERM). The Barnes Group Advisors is a Pennsylvania-based independent additive manufacturing engineering consultancy.

Their Technical Excellence Resource Model will enable TMA to tap into TBGA technical expertise for application development without the overhead burdens of a large business. With this collaboration, TMA aims to provide companies with 3D printed products in a cost-effective environment.

With their investment in EBM additive manufacturing, TMA will be able to support customer programs ranging from early application development to serial production. Furthermore, project management carried out by the company include the delivery of fully finished parts.

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