Titomic to 3D print a hardened metal extrusion screw and to benefit from PICARD Group®’ s distribution network in 50 countries

Titomic announced this morning a USD $26K agreement with PICARD Group® to produce parts for the Extruder technology market using the Australian manufacturer’s Kinetic Fusion process.

Following the end of its AM project for the defense sector, Titomic is currently showing other applications of its metal 3D printing technology. This partnership will enable PICARD Group®, Germany-based metal parts manufacturer, to take advantage of the Australian digital manufacturing solutions not to mention that, this is also the opportunity for Titomic to benefit from a distribution network covering more than 50 countries worldwide.

The global plastic extrusion machine market generated $6.05 billion in 2017 and would certainly reach $8.24 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.8% from 2018 to 2025. The extrusion process enables the creation of objects with fixed cross-sectional profile. The manufacturing technique is exploited by a wide range of manufacturing industries. The creator of the Kinetic Fusion Process will be part of the manufacturing unit that includes parts and equipment for single, twin and multi-screw extrusion systems.

CA Picard Group produces these parts and distributes over 50 countries in Europe, Asia, America and the Far East. The manufacturer’s metal 3D Printing technology will enable the production of a hardened metal extrusion screw for USD $25,965.

Following the success of test trials by C.A. PICARD®, Tiomic now aims to offer the products from its TKF Melbourne Bureau for single, twin and multi-screw extrusion systems.

Speaking of this new partnership, Mr. Jeff Lang, Titomic Managing Director commented: “Titomic’s partnering with C.A.PICARD® to additively manufacture their extrusion screw products showcases the unique capability of Titomic Kinetic Fusion to utilise tooling steels to be cost competitive against traditional metal manufacturing processes. We believe that by partnering with visionary industry leaders like C.A.PICARD®, Titomic can improve the efficiency of metal manufacturing and mechanical performance properties, providing real commercial benefits to our customers.

Mr. Michael Busenbecker, Global Head of Research and Development commented: “We are committed to producing the best quality parts for the Extruder market and are pleased to be working with Titomic to bring their state of the art Titomic Kinetic Fusion Process on board. We believe that the future lies in finding efficiency without compromising on value and quality and we look forward to working with Titomic on this project”.

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