This 3D printed customized jewelry line will remind you of your special day

ONEday, represents a 3D printed customized jewelry line created by LKS/Local Makers, a studio based in Amsterdam.

The jewel is created from a date given by the user making it different from all the other pieces.

Once a date between 1 January 1918 and 31 December 2018 is chosen, a bracelet, a ring, a small or large pendant are the types of jewelry which can be created.

While reading these lines, you might recall Aura, the 3D printed pendant that enables the user to “capture love” and transform it into a “physical design” or the 3D printed timekeeper of Spotify which makes use of the principle of date to enable music lovers to listen to the song of their “future moment”.

Now, what makes this 3D printed jewelry line attractive?

For ONEday, it’s all in the manufacturing. The studio makes use of metal 3D printing to create this jewelry line. This type of 3D printing is the most promising on the market and is already used in a wide range of industries including jewelry.

The company partners with Materialise, one of the pioneers in providing 3D printing solutions on the market.

With its Kickstarter campaign, the studio LKS/Local Makers needs some support to make these customized jewelry ideas come true. The studio gives the possibility to buyers to choose the jewelry and to earn a trip to Amsterdam where they can design their own jewelry with the designers.  You can discover what early birds contributors will get here.

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