The new METHOD Carbon Fiber Editions: designed for stronger tooling applications and some metal replacement parts

MakerBot is one step closer to achieving robust additive manufacturing. The subsidiary of Stratasys unveils the METHOD Carbon Fiber Editions.

Designed to print stronger and accurate parts for tooling applications, end-use production, the new METHOD Carbon Fiber Editions can also be used to print metal replacement parts in some applications; in other terms, an interesting alternative to the expensive cost of metal additive manufacturing.

Furthermore, the new METHOD Carbon Fiber Editions can print carbon fiber reinforced nylon, a recommended material for components that need to resist higher peak temperatures. Indeed, the high strength-to-weight ratio is a plus when manufacturing dynamically stressed parts.

Nylon carbon fiber is one of the most in-demand and exciting classes of materials. Its high strength, heat resistance, and stiffness properties make it ideal for printing metal replacement parts, helping reduce costs and increase overall efficiency for companies,” said Nadav Goshen, President and CEO, MakerBot. “With the launch of METHOD Carbon Fiber, we are making composite 3D printing more accessible to more users than ever before and opening the door to new applications. METHOD Carbon Fiber is the latest addition to the rapidly growing METHOD 3D printing platform.”

Users could use the new material on the manufacturer’s METHOD and METHOD X 3D Printers. As a reminder, MakerBot has recently turned its METHOD 3D printer into an open material platform thanks to a new extruder. The Carbon Fiber Editions also come pre-configured with a new composite extruder that is optimized to handle abrasive materials. Moreover, due to the fact that the 3D printer can reach up to 110°C in the build environment, the manufacturer can envision a diversified range of high-performance composite materials for this materials portfolio.

The new extruder, which is also available as an upgrade for the METHOD and METHOD X 3D printers, has hardened metal drive gears, a metal filament switch, and an interchangeable hardened steel nozzle. It can print MakerBot Nylon Carbon Fiber material and all other model materials supported on the METHOD platform”, completes the company in a press release.

The METHOD Carbon Fiber Editions, MakerBot Nylon Carbon Fiber material, and the composite extruder are expected to begin shipping in June 2020.

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