James Bruton, founder of Xrobots, a platform dedicated to electronic projects, unveils a lego electric skateboard.  

The skateboard does not have  regular Lego bricks. The UK-based maker found those 3D models for “Lego blocks” on Thingiverse, scaled them up by five times . However, he explained that he “had to draw the 80’s style LEGO electric motor housing, and modify the wheels which were made from LEGO gears.” The Lego-shaped bricks required about a hundred hours to 3D print using a variety of PLA filament colors.

A classic 80’s Lego engine was designed with Fusion 360 software. As for the wheels, the maker created his own hubs that are not printed in 3D. The NinjaFlex tire then required more than 30 hours for 3D printing.

The board finally is made from a variety of 3D printed Lego blocks. The glue is added to solidify the differents parts together.

A detailed explanation of the manufacturing is available on James’ Youtube Channel.


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