The Drop will be the first 3D printed electric car of New Zealand

The entrepreneur Ira Munn is at the heart of the development of “The Drop”. This three-wheeled electric car whose power reserve can go up to 300 km, is designed by New Zealand’s commuters for New Zealanders.

When it all started …

In 2016, the government launched a program to increase the use of electric vehicles. The idea is to double their use and reach 64,000 by 2021.
For Ira, founder of Ierospace who left the United States in 2015 for New Zealand, “It’s a first for New Zealand and [he is] really excited that New Zealand can have an electric car it can call its own.
The project is supported by Accelerating Aotearoa, a local charity that encourages education and technology development.

The manufacturing…

With the help of engineering students from Massey University, the project holder succeeded in printing in 3D The Drop.
While taking into account benefits of electric vehicles that The Drop will surely have, 3D vehicle kits will also be manufactured from recyclable materials.
At Evworld from Conferenz to Manukau, The Drop will be presented with Massey University’s 3D printer.
The first prototype is expected to be ready by August 2017. The car itself  will be available in 2018 on the market at a price of $ 10,000.


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