Bottery will certainly make you think of “pottery”. We are not really far from the meaning of this word.  Conceived by Emerging Objects (a design and research company that specializes in 3D printed materials and objects), the bottery is a robotic ceramic workshop that combines the use of 3D printing in ceramic with craft traditions.

No later than yesterday, we were talking about the material ceramic and the fact that its appropriation by professionals is not really unanimous. Anyway, this material has convinced Virginia and Ronald, founders of Emerging projects, who have launched a new service requiring its use.

The idea of the bottery is to realize robotic ceramics. “Our goal is to create a design manufactory for ceramic innovation using state-of-the-art technology. We believe in the potential of 3D printed ceramics to allow anyone to make customized design-oriented functional pottery. 3D printing ceramics requires highly specialized spaces, tools, and know-how, which we have spent years cultivating. Now, we want to share our expertise to enable and empower others.”

Three main activities will constitute the Bottery:

  • Storefront and Workshop Space

At the bottery, designers will carry out educational workshops in 3D printing clay for individuals and companies. Participants will have the possibility to produce technological, functional or sculptural ceramics. No need to be an expert in 3D printing clay, our designers will give you the required tools to produce your 3D printed objects.

  • Potterware

Emerging Objects is still playing with words to let people know they develop an easy-to-use app so that no matter where you are, you can design functional ceramics.

  • 3D potter

Why not use it at home? In collaboration with 3D potter, Emerging projects has developed a line of ceramic 3D printers so that everyone can create his/her robotic pottery. “Our printers use full-body clay, allowing anyone to create large, high-quality, ceramic work using any clay you wish, from terracotta, earthenware, or porcelain”, said Emerging Objects.

All images: Emerging objects

The start-up requires your help today to achieve this project. Discover their campaign on Kickstarter.

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