The 3D printed helmets of the Pope’s Swiss Guard

In the fashion industry or for artistic creations, professionals increasingly exploit 3D printing to produce solid or sustainable garments. You can remember the futuristic wearables of characters in Black Panther made using 3D Printing.

We recently discover that the Pope’s Swiss guard will very soon be wearing 3D printed helmets.

The good news is that the new helmets are lighter than the current metal ones since they are 3D printed from PVC. Furthermore, according to a source, the helmets would also be cheaper to manufacture. The helmet would cost 880 € so half the cost of the metal ones. The guards are even lucky this time because these helmets are UV-resistant.

The Swiss Guard is certainly among the smallest armies in the world and comprises a group of single catholic men under 30. However, a new group of recruits will be hired for two years for Pope Francis’ protection.

Last, note that this is not the first experience of 3D printing with the Vatican. Two years ago, Pope Francis blessed a range of 3D printers that were sent to Uganda and Congo to manufacture prosthetics.

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