Thales opens a centre specialized in metal additive manufacturing in Morocco

In order to contribute to the advancement of the aerospace sector in Morocco, Thales launches an industrial competence centre. Specialized in metal additive manufacturing, the latter has been opened in Casablanca.

Main objectives behind this launch

A great number of reasons justify the opening of this platform.

First of all, Thales realizes the potential of metal 3D Printing. Indeed, this section of the 3D printing industry is surely the one with the greatest potential.

As a reminder, metal 3D printing enables a reduction in the development and manufacturing times for parts with high added value made from complex metal alloys in all mechanical domains, in particular the aerospace and space domains.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that it will definitely generate a lot of employment. For a beginning, we expect about twenty engineers and technicians.

For Pierre Prigent, Thales Country Director in Morocco, “with an existing aerospace ecosystem of subcontractors, Morocco has everything needed to become Thales’ global centre of expertise in 3D printing. The use of a secure digital platform provides the industrial Competence Centre with the latest innovations in terms of connected industry and smart plants, and will improve the competitiveness of the solutions offered to our customers.


The industrial competence centre

The centre incorporates two selective laser melting technology machines. The method used with these machines consists in fusing metal alloy powders with a high-intensity laser to allow the manufacturing of metal parts. It is freed from the high-reliability constraints of traditional manufacturing, while reducing the number of parts used and making them lighter.

The initial qse series will be produced using aluminium and titanium, widely used in the aerospace sector. In the medium-term, Thales is planning to acquire 10 machines.

Thales Competence Centre in Casablanca. © Thales

This Competence Centre, which specialises in 3D printing, is fully in line with the digital transformation of Thales and will provide a genuine global centre of expertise, from which Morocco will be the first to benefit.

At the heart of the Thales group’s “Industry 4.0”, the industrial centre will provide services to a wide range of international companies.


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