Tekna, a discreet development on the AM market in France

Tekna is on the right track to develop industrial powders for additive manufacturing (AM). The company, that specializes in plasma systems and advanced materials, has launched new products, has made new investments and has signed partnerships to push the market for metal powders forward.

After the launch of new spherical aluminium alloy powders dedicated to additive manufacturing at the end of 2018, the company’s focus is now Europe where it has invested €5 million for the production of spherical powders at its new industrial site in Mâcon, France.

Those spherical powders will meet the needs of industrials that take advantage of AM and to a certain extent of injection moulding. Indeed, various plasma atomizers that will be installed will enable the production of a range of strategic materials and alloys.

The production volume on site will be capable of achieving 400 to 500 tons and will also increase Tekna’s annual global capacity to over 1000 tons. Replicating its production means and processes in Europe will ensure that Tekna perfectly duplicates its powder production activities and provides a continuous supply to its clients.

Furthermore, the new site will also host the European Customer Service Center and a laboratory dedicated to quality assurance and the development of new powders.

Tekna’s industrial powders

Tekna’s aluminum alloy powders meet the needs of the aerospace and the automotive industries. According to the company, over 30 companies have validated them and confirmed their compatibility with other systems.

To develop this market, the company is surrounding itself with partners such as Aperam, player in stainless, electrical and specialty steel, with whom it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to state the conditions for an industrial cooperation to develop jointly high-quality spherical metal powders.

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