3D printed loudspeakers are Alienology Audio’s proposal, a design company based in Los Angeles. . With T3TRA (name of the product), Alienology Audio puts on the market a loudspeaker that combines aesthetics, elegance and quality.

“We present a small but powerful loudspeaker designed in a respectful manner to meet [the] visual aesthetic needs [of the user] and [to] deliver quality sound,” explains Alienology during the launch of its product.  

The tetrahedron-shaped loudspeaker combines a stylish contemporary structure with retro and fun colours such as red, green or orange. SLS printing technology was used to make its main structural frame in one piece. The loudspeaker’s tetrahedral forms make it possible to improve the quality of the produced sound.

As the company explains, “stationary waves are reduced by [removing] parallel sides and the diffraction of the edges is reduced by having rounded corners and fewer sides. All corners are [designed] to absorb vibrations. ”  

The rest of the loudspeaker is constituted of laser-cut panels. All components are then manually assembled and tested. “We build every enclosure with the utmost care, old-fashioned, making sure every unit is perfect. These are really made to last, “says Alienology.

Alienology Audio offers two versions of its T3TRA speaker: the T3TRA ACTIVE, with an integrated 20W amplifier and Bluetooth connectivity; And the T3TRA CLASSIC, a pair of speakers without amplification.