Medical Tech company SprintRay expands its 3D printing resin portfolio with four new FDA-compliant dental 3D printing resins and new model resins. According to SprintRay, these new additions offer similar or superior performance to their brand-name competitors at a reduced cost.

As a reminder, SprintRay is a medical technology company that specializes in digital dentistry. The Los-Angeles based company mainly operates in the USA & in Canada for now and has recently unveiled a 3D printer for various professionals of the dental world. However, the shipping of the first SprintRay Pro 3D printers unveiled las year in November has already started.

SprintRay’s users include endodontists, hygienists, general practitioners and lab technicians.

These biocompatible materials include the new SprintRay Splint, the SprintRay Surgical Guide 2, the SprintRay Try-In as well as the SprintRay IDB.

As for the new model resins, there are Die & Model Tan and Die & Model Gray.

“With these resins, doctors can design, print, and place final dental parts for treatment in a single day,” said James Lobsenz, Director of Marketing at SprintRay, about the announcement. “Biocompatible materials are the future of dental 3D printing, and these new resins offer the best value for money on the market. They are the next step in our mission to make 3D printing easy and accessible to dental professionals. Our model resins offer improved speed and accuracy, to further improve the productivity of in-office 3D printing.”

SprintRay intends to continue innovation in the dental materials space. In addition to the optimization of current materials for speed and accuracy, expect to see all-new resins continuously added to SprintRay’s growing lineup.

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