AmorePacific, one of the giants in the world of cosmetics unveils the first customized facial mask. Called, the “Tailored Mask,” its manufacturing is based on the use of 3D printing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

The story of the customized facial mask

It’s been more than two years that scientists from AmorePacific’s research center, experts from the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and South Korean 3D printer manufacturer Lincsolution have been working on the 3D printed mask.

The IOPE Lab, main shopping centre Myeong-Dong in Seoul, is currently carrying out testing of the 3D printed mask.

The cosmetic company said the facial mask includes the “Tailored Mask” and the “Tailored Serum”, manufactured with ingredients specifically chosen for the customer’s skin. However, among the ingredients one can find in the serum, one can cite cypress extract, sugar maple extract, and fructan.

However, a very few details were given about the 3D printing technology or the materials used to make the mask.  

Anyway, AmorePacific knows how to create buzz among cosmetics junkies. Last year for instance, the company was the first to unveil custom-made makeup lipstick : “My Two-tone Lip Bar”.

It makes no doubt that the release of the “Tailored Mask” will create some hype among the fans. We already know that customers could get their customized 3D printed mask in 2018.  


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