3D Systems officially announces the availability of two software at Emo Hannover. Both software can enhance productivity and efficiency in manufacturing software industry.

Geomagic Control X 2018

This is an “inspection platform” that offers exclusive requirements for the aerospace and automotive manufacturers. The set of tools updated include simplified and automated airfoil analysis, surface-analysis tools as well as comparative analysis tools.

Among its wide range of capabilities, this software increases to 50% efficiency in inspection results. Indeed, with this new version, analysis are faster than the former version.

Furthermore, experts take advantage of a platform architecture to improve performance in scan processing and evaluation.

With regards to automation and traceability, Geomagic Control X 2018’s pairing map helps users to have a complete understanding of the correlation between measurement and models.

As for the availability, customers of Geomagic Control X will be notified via the app to update the platform.

3D Systems’ Geomagic Control X 2018 features a new user interface that provides the fastest path to inspection results. (PRNewsfoto/3D Systems)

GibbsCAM 12

This latest version of 3D Systems’ CAM Software (already available via the website) enables the user to increase his productivity by 30 percent compared to the former versions.

With the new interface, CNC programmers will get access to post processors “for every machine/control combination on the market.GibbsCAM 12 stands indeed for a unique solution to all CNC machines.

As for Multi-Task Machining (MTM) option, the software offers programming capabilities for complex MTM as well as Swiss-style machines.

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For Ilan Erez, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Software at 3D Systems, “today’s introductions emphasize [the] continuing pursuit to deliver industry leading software that makes customers jobs easier – enabling them to be more productive with lower total cost of operations.


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