Sinterit 3D Printers now comply with Industry 4.0 requirements

In essence, industry 4.0 is the trend towards automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and processes. In a production environment that requires the use of 3D Printers, “one of the aims of Industry 4.0 readiness is an automated integration with factory logistics. Devices like 3D printers need to generate an output communication of job status (i.e., the factory logistics must be capable of query the status of the machine)”, Grzegorz Głowa, head of R&D department at Sinterit explained.

Being able to comply with these requirements is a milestone every 3D Printer manufacturer expects to reach, and Sinterit has reached this milestone today with the release of its software update.

The announcement follows the recent launch of 3 devices designed for making SLS 3D printing faster and cleaner.

The manufacturer of Sinterit Lisa and Lisa 2 has developed a “print monitor online” feature which allows for an easy tracking of the printing process online.  Furthermore, with a more user-friendly interface, every function of the software can be easily accessed.

So far, the dedicated Sinterit Studio software has always been one of the greatest advantages in the company’s software materials. Today, in addition to monitoring the whole 3D printing process, the user can benefit from a better object collision detector.

With this update, the Polish company opens up again a wide range of opportunities for its SLS 3D Printing technology across several industries.

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