In a recent conversation with 3D ADEPT Media, SINTAVIA’s CEO and founder, Brian Neff laid emphasis on the company’s willingness to invest efforts to develop the right materials parameters for the right processes. At the time, the development of a proprietary printing technology for GRCop-42 by the company was making headlines in the industry. Today, the company continues to live up to this promise as it announces the development of proprietary material parameters for alloy C103, a high-performance niobium alloy well suited for rocket, jet, and satellite propulsion applications.

Known as a refractory metal difficult to print without extensive parameter development, the qualification of this material has been made on an EOS GmbH M290 printer and represents the 29th proprietary material parameter developed by Sintavia for use by its Aerospace, Defense, & Space OEM customers.

The material’s mechanical properties include an as-printed density of 99.94% and a Z-direction elongation of 32% after a standard stress relief cycle.

Due to its extremely high melting point, niobium is widely recognized as an excellent material for space propulsion applications, specifically reaction control thrusters and attitude control thrusters,” said Pavlo Earle, Sintavia’s Vice President of Technology Engineering. “With this development, Sintavia is able to offer its space customers components that embody industry-leading mechanical properties. When combined with Sintavia’s equally best-in-class design and additive production capability, our C103 parameters offer our customers a high-quality and reliable industrial solution for extreme temperature applications.”

Needless to say that we may expect Sintavia to develop proprietary standards for other refractory materials for use across the Aerospace, Defense, & Space industry.


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