Shipments begin for Full-Colour and Composite Industrial 3D Printer XRIZE

Boston-based 3D Printer manufacturer Rize has announced commercial shipments of its XRIZE™ industrial 3D printer have begun.

Designed for an office or field environment, XRIZE is a full colour and composite industrial 3D printer that enables users to compress time to market and reduce part costs.

While processing non-toxic and recyclable materials, the 3D printer enables safe operations and has the ability to create intelligent parts with color, graphics, logos, instructions and QR codes.

RIZE’s technology is based on Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) – Augmented Polymer Deposition (APD). According to the company, the patented hybrid process combines industrial material extrusion and functional ink jetting.

The company explains that, while a part is being built with RIZIUM material through extrusion, an industrial printhead jets RIZIUM release ink, making for fast & easy support removal, while maintaining superior surface finish on all supported surfaces. Jetting also enables the indelible application of voxel-level vibrant, full-color CMYK Inks for a range of new applications.

The XRIZE 3D printer is a game changer in the industry,” said Andy Kalambi, President and CEO of RIZE Inc. “XRIZE brings full color into the mainstream to expand applications across many industries and expand usage of 3D Printing across many users – engineering, sales and marketing, production and service. We retain our focus on safety and simplicity to ensure that both new and expert users can join the 3D Printing revolution.”

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