Shapr3D reaches new milestone with 20 000 customers in the CAD industry and launches new features for 3D modeling

Four years following its creation, Shapr3D, a professional CAD (computer-aided design) tool for the iPad and recent winner of Apple’s Design Award, celebrates its 20,000th iPad PRO user. The company’s goal was to disrupt the CAD industry with their mobile-first, intuitive solution for 3D modelling. Today, it witnesses more than 100,000 app downloads every month. This milestone therefore represents a huge achievement for the company and the CAD industry. 

The company is also adding new product features to its service: with macOS availability by the end of 2020, the CAD tool will rival the functionality of static industry giants but on a cutting edge, on-the-go platform. By adding macOS access to the package, Shapr3D is also repositioning themselves in the CAD software market – which is predicted to surpass $18.7 billion revenue by 2030 – as a multi-platform tool, and providing their existing users with an additional device to optimize their workflows. 

Other exciting feature updates this quarter, like 3D Alignment and their Augmented Reality tool – which enables users to export models to Apple’s Reality Composer and visualize their models and designs in a real world setting – act in tandem with the macOS release to continuously update their offering based on the needs of their audience and potential new users.

Being the one of the fastest growing CAD companies in just a few short years and the first iPad PRO solution for a world that is working more remotely, proves that there is huge demand in the industry for next-gen innovation and for new tools that are designed for the 21st century,” says István Csanády, founder and CEO of Shapr3D. “Reaching 20,000 PRO users and our latest feature updates is an amazing milestone, and I couldn’t be more excited about this next hyper-growth phase for Shapr3D.”

Based on Parasolid’s geometric modeling kernel, Shapr3D’s app empowers people all over the world to create professional 3D models, no matter where they are or what industry they hark from. Its intuitive UX and subscription-based model make it easier to start using than traditional CAD tools which typically have a high barrier to entry due to their complexity and significantly higher price tag. Shapr3D’s mission is to put fluid creativity back into the design process by allowing engineers and designers to bring their ideas to life with rapid prototypes, concepting, and designs. 

Cutting-edge and intuitive 3D tools are a must in the CAD industry,” remarks Kálmán Kéménczy, Head of Product at Shapr3D. “Designers and product managers have stringent expectations and need 3D CAD tools that allow them to do their best work. Shapr3D offers an innovative product, with the freedom to express design creativity.”

The ability to quickly and accurately model parts and materials in 3D has opened up a whole new world for us. It saves us many hours of ‘in-shop’ fabrication time by allowing us to explore multiple solutions to different custom car building challenges. It’s exciting to combine this kind of technology with traditional hands-on craftsmanship,” says customer Kyle Harder of Harderbuilt Solutions, LLC.

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