Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI) will improve its services with the acquisition of the 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus 3D printer.

As the company provides design, engineering, and manufacturing services for critical motion control and small power transmission applications, it needed a liquid polymer that could be compatible with a wide range of material properties and that could create parts in three different colors, black, white, and translucent.

SDP/SI found in the 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus the ideal 3D printer. The new ProJet printer is utilized for orders of individual components, such as a gear or pulley, to more complex drive assemblies. Primarily used for prototypes and low volume production, this machine has the ability to produce high-accuracy components similar to those made with injection molding.

Using the material jetting process, the polymer is dispensed in 32μ/layers (less than a human hair) with an accuracy of +/-.001per inch or better and then UV cured”, said SDP/SI Sr. Sales Engineer, Mike Yandolino. This enables the creation of highly accurate drive components, allowing the engineer to assess the design for form, fit, and function before moving into high-volume production.

Mike Yandolino continued: “Although a new process for us, we have completed a number of projects with outstanding results. Being able to deliver a component or assembly into the engineers hand for design review quickly and at a cost savings is a tremendous benefit, resulting in better designs and manufacturability.

In addition to 3D printing prototypes, SDP/SI manufactures high-quality machined parts, molded components, and precision gearing for a wide variety of product applications in medical, aerospace, defense, robotics, and commercial industries.

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