Sciaky boosts R&D of large parts with new EBAM-53 metal 3D printing system

EN: The EBAM-53 3D printing system launched by Sciaky can help researchers to test large scale parts production. Image credits: Sciaky FR: Le système d'impression 3D EBAM-53 lancé par Sciaky peut aider les chercheurs à tester la production de pièces à grande échelle. Crédits image : Sciaky

Metal 3D printing machine maker Sciaky, a subsidiary of  Phillips Service Industries, has introduced the EBAM-53 system to help in the research and development of large-scale parts for aerospace and other applications. 

The machine helps researchers to test parts on a smaller scale with the help of 3D printing technology of the EBAM system before scaling up to create large parts for land, air, sea and space use. 

Sciaky will be delivering the first EBAM-53 3D printing system by the end of 2023 and open orders for other industries adopting AM  from 2024. The company showcased the EBAM-53 system at Formnext this year. 

 The machine requires smaller space and lower cost along with the optimization and materials development of the existing  Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing technology. The EBAM-53 3D printing system uses the same electron beam generator, sensors, computers, and process control software which will help researchers scale larger production-ready EBAM models.

The machine is shipped in standard sea containers and will ship and install in one piece. The EBAM-53 3D printing system has a build envelope of  26 inch cube (635 cubic mm) which allows for test coupons, small demonstrators, and geometry trial parts. The new EBAM system is equipped with an IRISS process control software like all other EBAM systems 

 The President of Sciaky, Scott Phillips said: “With the EBAM-53, users can conduct meaningful research and development that can easily migrate to larger production-scale systems in the future”. 

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