Satori releases ST1600 3D Printer and Partnership Program

Satori makes its debuts in the 3D printing market with the launch of a new professional 3D printer, the ST1600.

The London-based manufacturer aims to collaborate with innovators and creatives across all industries, hence the launch of its partnership program, next to the release of its flagship product.

So, what does the desktop 3D printer offer?

With a 5″ touchscreen, filtered exhausts, and UV protection lid, the ST1600 3D printer uses a MSLA technology. The new device is said to solve manufacturing challenges for a wide range of industries. However, a key focus is made on the dentistry industry, which is certainly the first sector that saw the capabilities of the new machine.

The manufacturer explains that, with a build platform of 192 x 120mm, the SLA 3D printer can fit 7 aligners flat on its surface, and print them in less than an hour. It can print dental tools from orthodontic models and surgical drill guides to braces and retainers.

The new 3D printing comer positions itself as a problem solver that aims to enable companies to access professional 3D printers at an affordable price while providing technical and business consultation for clients.

We strive to not just sell high-quality professional machines, but most importantly, we wish to empower creativity and act as a problem solver for our clients. We do this by providing advice on how to maximize the machines’ capacity to facilitate their business. We look forward to partnering with innovators to solve issues from all areas whether it be technology, medicine, sports, arts or lifestyle”, Chengxi Wang, CEO of Satori and tech entrepreneur.

Furthermore, with the goal of inventing and designing products using 3D printing technology, Sartori invites designers from all industries to collaborate on initiatives that will help solve a particular challenge traditional manufacturing might not be able to.

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