SATORI debuts big volume industrial MSLA 3D printer on Kickstarter – in partnership with ELEGOO

Satori has announced the launch of a new additive manufacturing machine. Based on MSLA technology – masked stereolithography -, London-based startup adds a big volume machine to its portfolio, which will be equipped with a 6K mono screen, the most advanced in the market, allowing users to fabricate models up to 27.8cm x 15.6 cm x 30 cm.

From a manufacturing standpoint, the choice for a 6K mono screen comes from the fact that with existing MSLA 3D printers that embed a 4K panel, users often need to reduce the resolution because those same pixels would be spread over a larger surface area.

By using the most advanced 6K monochrome panel,  with a 5448 x 3060 array of pixels (51-micron resolution, smaller than a strand of hair), we can expand the machine’s build volume to a massive 278 x 165 x 300 mm without compromising resolution”, the company explains.

Furthermore, with this print capacity, operators could print a full-scale bike helmet in one piece, or batch produce large quantities of small items. 

From the very beginning, Satori made it clear that it wanted to bring affordable solutions to the market. The manufacturer sticked to this strategy as Founder and CEO Chengxi Wang explained that the “average price of professional 3D printers is about £10 000 (€11 629)”. However, based on their campaign, for £8000 (9311€) – the largest contribution package -, early bird contributors might get their VL2800 MSLA 3D printer and several other benefits.

 To make this vision for accessibility a reality while avoiding to jeopardize quality, Satori partners with Elegoo to ensure the manufacturing capacity they were looking for. Elegoo is a 3D printer manufacturer who has manufactured and shipped over 100,000 units of 3D printers worldwide in 2020.

As a female founder of a tech company, I understand how challenging it can be to work in the 3D printing industry because the technology itself can sometimes be quite intimidating. However, we want to make the 3D printing technology as approachable as possible, to empower global creatives and innovators with an affordable but powerful tool”, Chengxi Wang, CEO of Satori notes. 

That seems like minutes ago that Satori took its first steps on the 3D printing market. Yet, in one year, we saw the company embrace collaborations with designers and experts across industries including animation, jewellery, engineering and architecture. The road might still be long to go, but the different steps the team is taking is likely to make them offer something the likes of EnvisionTec or Formlabs did not do.  Have a look at the campaign here.

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