Following the completion of functional high-performance patterned batteries, Sakuu is working on a new project: the testing of a printable lithium formulation from Livent for use in its 3D printed batteries.

Livent is a producer of high-quality finished lithium compounds that are helping meet the growing demand for lithium. As part of this joint development agreement, both teams combined Sakuu’s printed cells with Livent’s LIOVIX® printable lithium formulation in the anode, which enhanced the unique patterning capabilities of the manufacturer’s proprietary 3D printing process.

As a reminder, Sakuu’s Kavian™ platform is engineered for companies to manufacture next-generation batteries, including solid-state chemistries, for commercial-scale production. Additionally, Sakuu’s battery technology can be licensed for use in today’s manufacturing equipment, or with the Kavian™ manufacturing platform.

Our Kavian platform is designed to help industries reimagine what a battery can become—starting with how it is made—to unlock commercial-scale manufacturability of solid-state and other performance batteries. Kavian manufacturing is poised to introduce transformative product innovation across industries going electric,” Robert Bagheri, CEO and Founder of Sakuu comments.

So far, Sakuu’s key achievements in the field include a fully functional 3D printed lithium-metal battery, a 3D printed patterned lithium-metal anode, and a 3D printed lithium-metal battery in a custom form factor shape.

If successful, and as per the words of Paul Graves, Livent’s President and CEO, this partnership can help “improve battery safety, performance, manufacturing efficiency and sustainability.”

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