There is nothing like a good challenge to push a technology’s limits. That’s what Roboze did while looking for a way they would fabricate a fully 3D Printed skateboard.

Two years ago, a Berlin-based start-up FARADAY MOTION, achieved a similar idea. Unlike Roboze’s skateboard that seems to not have any electric feature, the Spine is an electric 3D Printed skateboard that can be controlled using a smartphone. In the same context James Bruton had also produced an electric skateboard from giant 3D printed LEGO pieces.

Roboze’s skateboard

Produced with materials such as Carbon PA, PEEK, Flex and PP, that combine lightness and resistance for Metal Replacement applications, the skateboard has been 3D printed on one of the FFF 3D Printing systems of the Italian manufacturer.

Engineers used the PP (polypropylene) for the wheels; a material that resists impact and wear. PEEK was used for the washers and the nuts, Flex, a rubber compound based on thermoplastic Polyurethane was used for bearings.

Fabiano Lauciello, a professional skater in Bari, has been called to test the new skateboard.

“The difference with a common skateboard lies in the use of innovative materials”, says the skater Fabiano Lauciello. “ROBOZE challenged me and I gladly accepted to test the skateboard. I am definitely aware that there have been ten years studies on materials and shapes: therefore, testing a skate that has been completely produced with a 3D printer is an amazing and innovative thing that got me really curious.”

“I got positively surprised by the strength of ROBOZE skateboard”, says Fabiano Lauciello. “Despite [the] complex manoeuvres, the skate resisted with no problems, a proof of the real combination between the additive manufacturing techniques and the production of consumerskateboards”.

For now, there is no information about what’s next…if it was just a challenge within the manufacturer’s team or if there is any plan to commercialize it.

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